About us


We make designer hooded scarves and shawls to keep your head warm and heart happy.

We are two friends, who met at the University more than 15 years ago. In 2018 we decided to start an athleisure fashion brand URBAN NATION UNIFORMS (UNU), as we believed that functional and transformable sportwear was the new uniform of the city dweller. That is how we made our hoodie with multiple detachable hoods. Later we realized that the detachable hood itself can stand on its own as a new independent product. That is how the UNU-hooded brand was born. A unique brand of functional and adaptable head accessorizes, that keep your head warm and your heart calm. Now we make different types of UNU hoods on several small family owned factories. We always keep in contact with our community of adorable people. Their feedback helps us become better and come up with new ideas. Since we became UNU Hooded in 2019 we have launched new types of UNU hoods: knitted, puffer, waterproof. We are absolutely proud of our head quilted shawls, that were inspired by traditional Russian babushka scarves.

We are sure that people from all over the world will love our products for the quality, functionality, slow fashion and out-of-time style. Our UNU hoods and UNU scarves are made at small family owned factories in Russia with no leftovers. We believe that it can be worn from season to season by wonderful people everywhere.

Join our UNU hooded community today. Stay hooded and gooded